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BrightLine Ad Suite


BrightLine Ad Suite

Leveraging 10+ years of campaign data and user testing, I led the development of BrightLine’s best practice “Blueprints.” These templates are the industry’s first solution for advertisers to launch interactive ad campaigns on every screen, including OTT devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Client: BrightLine // Platform: OTT Devices, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop // Role: Lead Product Designer, Design Team Lead

Methodology + Approach



  • While being “TV first,” develop a set of templates that span the entire omni-screen ecosystem (TV, mobile, desktop, tablet)

  • Leverage campaign data, user research, and A/B testing to identify and distill best-practices into template framework/MVPs for most common ad product archetypes

  • Ensure consistent functionality across varied screen sizes, user inputs, and code bases (HTML5, BrightScript, Objective-C, etc.)

  • Differentiate products based on user environment (in-stream vs full-screen hub)

  • Ensure modularity/flexibility for easy customization and efficiency


User ResearcH

Working with our analytics team, I analyzed data for the top and bottom performing ad types across verticals to identify best practices and UI/UX commonalities. I synthesized this data into a base framework that could be shared across all products.

From there, I developed a research model consisting of specific interactive demos and questionnaires. Research sessions were conducted in a living room environment, and closely matched the viewing experience one is likely to experience at home. Participants ranged in age, gender, tech-savviness, and screen habits, however, results were remarkably consistent, allowing for an end product that is clear and easy to use for all.

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user journey

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Design SOlution

Best Practice “Blueprints”


These product templates offer the most common types of desired functionality, and have been leveraged by advertisers in every vertical. They’re fully customizable, modular, and work on every screen. Additionally, they vastly increased productivity and efficiency by 50-75%, and cut down launch timelines from months to weeks.



Design DetailS
Use the arrows on each template for branded examples.

In-Stream Products

Appearing above the commercial spot, In-Stream interactions enable users to engage without interrupting the viewing stream.


In-Stream Carousel

Users to scroll through brand content without interrupting the viewing stream. Popular executions include product or character galleries, as well as “one-click” reveals” trivia and polling.

Dynamic Locators

Leveraging the user’s IP address, local vendor information is dynamically displayed. This allows a single national buy to have local relevancy for every unique user. Future use cases include local weather based results.


Full-Screen Products

Users can also click to a full-screen brand hub for more robust functionality. These products can be joined for a unique experience that offers varied content and functionality.

Push to Mobile

Users leverage the on-screen interaction to specify preferences on TV, and then push to their mobile devices for continued engagement.


Request for Information (RFI)

Users opt to release their email address to receive an email with link to shop, save, or learn more. This enables brands and users to connect beyond the duration of the ad experience.

“T-Commerce” - Movie Tickets

Partnering with Fandango, users select the date, theater, and time/format of a film, and push the data to their mobile devices for easy checkout via email.


“Gamified” Units

Allow users to interact in a fun and memorable way. Interacting can lead to rewards and other personalized results.



Users answer a set of randomized questions before the time runs out. The number of questions and time to answer are fully customizable. The experience is fun and easy for the user.


Answering 3 simple questions allows users to receive a customized result. Common use-cases involve product recommendations and fun personality quizzes.


Video and image content are housed in a

Video Gallery

Users can lean-back and enjoy auto-play video in a playlist or actively select which content to watch. Each video can be paired with additional imagery and information to further increase overall impact on the user.

Image Gallery

This malleable product pairs imagery and text to enable viewers to go deeper with the branded content.


Watch the demo to see how these products came to life.

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